It Takes Teamwork to Make the Dream Work

February is always the time of the year that I am filled with graditute, warm fuzzies, and a deep sense of abandance in my life. It's the month of the year that marks the anniversary of when I started Audrey Acosta Desings 13 years ago; and, as it coincides with Valentine's Day, it reminds me of the amazing tapestry of friends, family members, and customers that have supported us throughout the years of us being in business. It's been a wild ride - we have rode the waves of two economic recessions, a Trump term in office (yuck!), and a global pandemic (still happening!) - not to mention the growth of my own family and the introductions of new members of the AAD crew to love. To all of you that have helped bring life, laughter, friendship, creativity, and fun into this community that we have co-created together, I offer you my most heartfelt thanks. Without you, we wouldn't be us; and I am so excited for what we all have built and co-created together. Cheers to the nourishment and strength of community, friendship, family, and love.